How Do I Remove Virus Manually From PC?

22/12/2013 02:27

First of  all I am going to introduce about Virus. Virus is nothing  it’s just a program that’s programmed to corrupting the system or destroying data.   You can see below a huge list of Viruses:

As you can see above that how many computers have been infected by mentioned viruses in above list. By the way you don’t need to worry about these viruses. Because I am going to let you know the technique of removing these kind of viruses from your computer. Just follow the below mentioned steps to remove any type of virus.

1. First of all you need to determine the virus file name like autorun.inf it’s one of the most common virus.

2. Once you’ll identify the virus file then you need to open run command using ( Window + R ) Key.After that Just type cmd to open command prompt.

3. If you are at the root directory like ( C:\Documents and settings\sanjay.yadav> then just type cd\ after that you can see C:> now you can type attrib to see the all files in C: (drive).

4. If you see identified any virus file then you can delete it using del command but remember that some file have special permissions like SHR it means you need to remove permission on that particular file after that you can delete virus file.

5. To remove the permission just type your drive name like c:> attrib -s -h -r file name then press enter to remove permission. After removing permission on that file you can delete it easily using del command ex: c:> del file name then press enter.

6. You can use these steps to delete any virus from any drive even pen drive.

7. Important and last thing to follow after following these steps that you need to restart your computer to remove the virus completely.


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